Tip: Identify Across All Layers in QGIS

The default QGIS behavior is to look up attributes of the currently selected layer when you use the ‘Identify’ tool. Sometimes when working with many layers in your QGIS project, you don’t know which layer a particular feature belongs. In such cases, just clicking on a feature and getting to know its attributes - regardless of whether the layer is selected , is really helpful. There is an option to make the Identify tool pull up attributes of all the features from all layers in your project. MapInfo users are used to this feature and if you are missing it, use the following setting to enable it.

  • From Settings → Options select the ‘Map tools’ tab. Select the ‘Top down’ option from the drop-down box in the Identify section.

  • Now use the Identify tool to click anywhere on your map. You can expand each layer to see attributes of features from that layer.