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Got questions?

For any questions or clarifications about the topic of a tutorial, please leave a comment on that tutorial. I will try and answer that as quickly as I can.

For general questions on QGIS that don't relate to any of the tutorials, you can post them at and tag them with 'qgis'. That's is the official forum for QGIS users. I am user spatialthoughts in the forum.

For any other comments, or if you want to reach out to me, feel free to ask add me on Google+, twitter or email me at ujaval [at] spatialthoughts [dot] com

QGIS and Open-source GIS Blogs and Tutorials

Nathans QGIS and GIS blog
Free and Open Source GIS Ramblings
Spatial Galaxy
Linfiniti Geo Blog
Carson Farmer's Blog
QGIS Malaysia
QGIS Exercises - AWF Wiki

Free/Public Domain/CC-licensed GIS Data ( All the data sources used in my tutorials)

Natural Earth
Hipkiss’s Scanned Old Maps
NASA/GSFC, Rapid Response
Atlas of the Biosphere - Center for Sustainability and the Global Environment (SAGE)
World Bank Development Indicators (tablular data)
Global Multi-resolution Terrain Elevation Data GMTED2010
Ordanance Survey OpenData Crime Data
Gridded Population of the World (GPWv3)




  2. Hi Ujaval,

    I would like to thank you for your dedication in explaining how to use such a powerful tool.

    I do have a question for you and apologize for writing it here on this forum, but couldn't find a link where you accept questions from people.

    Is there anyway to add a small minimap of a country to a composer projection in qGis, which allows users to reference exactly where the composition is in relation to the rest of the country?



    1. Hi Enrico,

      Thank you for your kind words. I have updated this page with details on how to ask questions about the tutorials.

      For your question, you can just click 'Add new map' in QGIS composer and draw a smaller window. Then adjust the zoom level on that window by changing the 'scale' in Item Properties. So in the end you will have 2 maps with the same content in QGIS, but at different scales, allowing users to get the reference easily.

  3. Hi I am working on QGIs for the first time but I have a good experience of Arcgis. I want to overlay a twf file and NTF file on QGIS. the twf file have no contour line but the NTF file has the contour. I can't overlay both. I am thinking to get the tif format of twf file. is that right?
    Can you give me your comments or advise to overlay this two files.
    Thank you.


    1. I haven't worked worked with these formats specifically. So can't really say. You can ask the quesiton on and you will get some good advice.

      There's a plugin for using NTF files in QGIS. That maybe of help.